You are advised to print the following definitions, directions and instructions, to have them at hand when you are using this interactive database the first times. If anything is not clear, please give us your comments by
e-mailing to: or visit our website at

Welcome to the setup instructions of the Discography section of WHERE OR WHEN.

Please read this page completely before starting the interactive database.

You must have:


XAMPP web server

As you might have noticed when your computer was rebooted, the Xampp program was started.
(The Xampp web server aplication makes it posible to use this interactive database, which is written in the PERL language)

In some occasions it will state that there was an error.
This happens when your operating system was not finished starting up yet when the xampp program was started
Don't worry about this, xampp wil be restarted automaticly when you start using Where or When 3.6 !

If for any reason you wish to stop the Xampp program, sometimes other programs use a simulair type of program and only one webserver can be usead at a time, do the following

For a short instance a black pop-up box will appear withe the text 'Stopping "xampp"...'

When the pop-up box dissappears the Xampp program will be stopped.

As soon as you start Where or When 3.6, the Xampp program will be started again but you must have closed the other webserver program before starting Where or When 3.6


Activate Javascript in your browser

To be able to use this interactive database you need to enable the Javascript function of your browser !

First check if the Javascript function is already enabled by moving your mouse pointer on the 'Javascript Test' text.

JavaScript Test

If you see a pop-up window when you move the mouse pointer over the 'Javascript Test' text then Javascript is enabled, if you don't see this pop-up window the Javascript function is disabled and you need to enable it.

Since every browser has a different way of enabling Javascript we recommend that you look this up in the help function of your browser by searching on 'Java'.



Headers and Footers

Since you are using a browser to access this interactive database you need to modify some settings of this browser to be able to have a clean print output.

Your browser will print the address of the printed page (

This can be surpressed by:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Netscape Navigator



Customizing the Search output settings

Since not all computers are the same, the performance of the discography software will vary depending on the CPU speed and Memory of your computer.

Depending on your browser the result of a search may cause overload of your browser memory.

For that reason we have limited the output to certain maximums.

You can change these settings by clicking on "SETTINGS" at the top of the Discography main screen.



Additional information

Additional information and future updates can be found at



You have now completed all necessary setup procedures.

Is your Javascript enabled ?

Is your Savant program active ?

Then close this window by clicking on the "X".

The Where or When startup screen will appear.

You may now select the Chronology or the Discography section .
If you select the Discography, a window will appear with "HELP" and "CONTINUE".
First click on "HELP" to read the operating instructions ("HOW TO USE THE WHERE OR WHEN DISCOGRAPHY").
After reading and printing these instructions, click on the "X" to close the "HELP" section.
On the new window click on "CONTINUE" and you will be in the main Discography screen.