I/O error 183 and I/O error 132 and I/O error 32

You are advised to print the following definitions, directions and instructions, to have them at hand when you are using this interactive database the first times. If anything is not clear, please give us your comments by
e-mailing to:
whereorwhen@site.nl or visit our website at http://www.whereorwhen.site.nl

If you encounter I/O error 183 and/or I/O error 132 and/or I/O error 32 during installation of the "Where or When" software it means that an earlier install was not completed correctly.

In manny cases the un-install will not function properly if you encounter these error messages.

Please perform the following steps before you try to install our software again.

In many cases these errors are encountered when you try to install our software from a cd-rom drive that is not registered as 'primary drive' in Windows.