You are advised to print the following definitions, directions and instructions, to have them at hand when you are using this interactive database the first times. If anything is not clear, please give us your comments by
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-Put the CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive (If you have two CD-ROM drives use the primary drive)

-Wait for the Install program to start (If it does not start automatically, open your "windows explorer", go to the CD-ROM drive and double-click on "Install.exe".)

-The Where or When Installation window will appear. Click on the button showing your Operating system.

-Enter your personal serial number.(Your serial number is on a sticker inside the CD-ROM case.)

Click on "OK".

Enter your name and click on "OK".

-If you have entered a wrong serial number, click on "OK" to continue and choose your Operating system

-The Install Shield Wizard of "Savant" will start. Click on "Next".

-The Welcome text of "Savant" will appear. Click on "Next".

-The "Choose Destination" text will appear (DO NOT CHANGE THE SETTING). Click on "Next".

-The "Setup Type" text will appear (DO NOT CHANGE THE SETTING). Click on "Next".

-The "Select Program Folder" text will appear (DO NOT CHANGE THE SETTING). Click on "Next".

-The "Setup Completed" text will appear. Click on "Finish".

-"Remove the CD-ROM from your CD-ROM drive and restart Your Computer.

-The computer will reboot

-If your computer requests a password after rebooting, enter your password.

When your computer is rebooted, the "Savant Web Server" window will appear.

Minimize this window.DO NOT SHUT DOWN THIS PROGRAM!

Click on Start. Choose "Programs. Click on WOW3_2 (it appears as last item on your list of shortcuts)

The Where or When Start-up screen will appear. Click on "Setup"

Your computer will now start your default Internet Browser Program.You need this program, i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer© or Netscape Navigator© .

If the browser screen is not maximized, maximize it.

Read the text ("INTRODUCTION") completely and click on "CONTINUE".

Follow the instructions and then close by clicking on the "x".

The Where or When Start-up screen will again appear and you may now select to enter the Chronology section or the Discography section.